Cervix Cancer Disease

Cancer constitutes uncommunicable disease that is caused by abnormal growth of body cell tissue and uncontrolled. Cancer cell has malignant characteristic, fast grow along with spread to other place and it cause death if it is not prevented early.

Cervix cancer is malignancy that occurs on cervix. Cervix constitutes lower part of uterus that protrudes in vagina.

Etiology of cervix cancer:
Previously, the cause of cervix cancer is unknown definitely, but 95% of cases are gotten HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus). Recently, by basic of etiology and its carcinogenesis have be agreed by worldwide that as the etiology of cervix cancer is high risk oncogenic of Human Papilloma Virus infection especially of HPV-16 and HPV-18.. But the influence of parity, smoking, and socioeconomic cultural cannot be neglected fully yet.

Risk factors of cervix cancer:
The risk factors of cervix cancer include: married or enforce coitus at young age less than 17 years old, a woman who often substitute sexual partners, a woman who coitus with a man who often substitute sexual partners, has history of relapse infections on sexual area or pelvic inflammatory disease, a woman who often borne, a woman who smoking.

Symptoms of cervix cancer:
On early or pre cancer stage often not appear the signs. But if appear the sign usually discharged unspecific leucorrhoea.
On continuing stage can be gotten the symptoms like as: post coital bleeding, leucorrhoea / liquid smell, outside of cycle menstruation bleeding, post menopause bleeding and pain on pelvic area. By symptoms background, cervix cancer can be divided into five stages, such as bellow:
Stage 0, without symptom
Stage I, leucorrhoea
Stage II, leucorrhoea and hemorrhagic
Stage III, leucorrhoea, hemorrhagic and pain
Stage IV, leucorrhoea, hemorrhagic, pain and spreading symptom

Prevention of cervix cancer:
Prevention of cervix cancer can be enforced by: avoid of married or enforce coitus at young age less than 17 years old, do not enforce many substitutes of sexual partners, Do not coitus with a partner who often substitutes sexual partners, Do not often borne too, Do not smoking.

Early detection of cervix cancer:
Pap smear examination, this examination cheap, fast and it can be done on health services which most nearly like as: Public Health Centre, Hospital, Midwife, Clinic, Physician practice, and others.
This examination can be enforced whenever except menstruating or appropriate with advice of physician, better be enforced once every year by every woman who had enforce sexual intercourse.
Advanced action of positive investigation on early detection of cervix cancer:
If the result of Pap smear examination positive like that be found the abnormal cells, better be consulted to health employee who most nearly to be done examination and therapy later by Obstetric and Gynecologist.
Please does Pap smear examinations routinely to find Cervix Cancer because on early stadium Cervix Cancer do not indicate specific symptom.
By faster finding and appropriate handling the Cervix Cancer can be healed.

Inspection Visual with Acetic Acid (IVA), by evidence base medicine indicates that IVA (Inspection Visual with Acetic acid) constitutes the methods that rely on to detect the existence of dysplasia with sensitivity and specificity do not different with Pap smear. Thus, VIA proper be chosen as the screening method on cervix cancer. A temporary, half part of self Pap smear cannot be acted continue because less and do not provided the medium of therapy and many other problems.

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