Osteoarthritis a certain Joint Disease

Osteoarthritis is constitute of a certain joint disease which most frequents be found and it is constitute a condition in synovial joint which be signed by lose of focal cartilages and responses of bone reparation which following it. Specific radio-graphic picture of osteoarthritis has shown the narrowing of joint cavity and the existing of osteofit along with sclerosis. Osteoarthritis very be related with age, it seldom occur under 45 years of age but at 65 years of age minimal half of population have radio-graphic evidence of osteoarthritis.

The kinds of osteoarthritis can be divided become two kinds be included of below:

  1. Primary Osteoarthritis, it constitute of use and break phenomena. Generally it isn’t attack the shoulder joint and metacarpal phalanx joints.
  2. Secondary Osteoarthritis, it can attack all of joints randomly be included shoulder joint and metacarpal phalanx joints. Osteoarthritis can be relating with condrocalcinosis (cartilage calcifications) or other secondary etiology, like as: Traumatic Arthritis, Paget disease, Alcaptonuria with ocronosis, Hemochromatosis, Wilson Disease, Neuroarthropathy (Charcot joint).

Clinical Symptoms:
The clinical symptoms of Osteoarthritis are:
  1. After used joint pain, it increasingly to bad become pain on minimal movement, pain on rest and pain at night. It different with Rheumatoid Arthritis, generally it isn’t found rigidity symptom at early day.
  2. The patient often suffer pain feeling on passive movement with crepitate and joint enlargement.
  3. It can be happened gene valgus deformity or knee varus if be found unbalance lose cartilage on one side.
  4. False weakness on collateral ligament can appear with cartilage degeneration.
Radiographic Pictures:
  • Specific progressive changes on Radiographic picture i.e.: narrowing of joint cavity, osteosclerosis subcondral, forming of marginal osteofit and subcondral cyst. It can be happened spondilolistesis (subluxation on one vertebra above of other vertebra with spondilosis lateral).
  • No specific laboratories can be shown.
  1. Therapy of Osteoarthritis is directed to reduce its pain, defend of joint movement and joint function, prevent of next accident and using cartilages.
  2. Corrective actions can be suggested are lowering of body weight, using stick or support tool, repairing of posture deviation and using correctly shoes.
  3. Restraint of pain by some medicines like as: Analgesic (effective with Acetaminophen oral tablet 1 g four times a day); NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflammation Drug) if it has failed with Acetaminophen, it like as Naprosin 500 mg twice a day per oral or Ibuprofen 600 mg four times a day per oral; Corticosteroid ( oral or parenteral not be recommended, but corticosteroid injection intra joint cavity can useful on acute attack.
  4. Restraint of pain by Surgery action like as Arthroplasty of joint can reduce the pain of joint, stability of joint, and repairing of joint function. Arthroplasty often successful be done for Knee joint and Hip joint.

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