Alzheimer Disease with It's Treatments and Preventions

Alzheimer disease is constitute a type of Dementia that very often be found in Clinical medicine with symptom appearing as consequence of brain damage, often be suffered by elder human more than 64 years age, and be caused by loose of brain nerve cell in area related with remember power, with symptom forget permanently about some things from environment around.Brain constitutes very complex body organ, where in brain be found areas which are managing certain functions, for example front part of brain be related with glorious function like as remember power capability, thinking process and others, back part of brain be related with sight function and others.

The symptom of Alzheimer disease is forgetting permanently about some things that still available from environment around, with some signs as below:

1. By happen again submit the same question at certain time,
2. Forget how to enforce a routine activity,
3. Speaking disorder,
4. Disorientation about place and time (day, month),
5. Abstract thinking disorder for example difficult to compute the money,
6. Personality disorder for examples easy to become be offended, easy to angry, and easy to suspicious.
7. Decision establishes disorder.


Until this time no treatment that be able to cure Alzheimer disease yet. The medicines which be provided has characteristic to move slowly the progressively of disease. Because Alzheimer disease has chronic characteristic and long increasingly the patient more be depended on other person, so then it is needed calm family or person who will take care of patient extremely.

Medicines that be used in medical world to help reduce the patient suffering i.e.: donepezil, rivastagmine dan galantamine. These medicines work by repairing brain neurotransmitter values and thinking function, along with patient behavior control.


Alzheimer disease constitutes the degenerative disease as consequent of brain cell death and generally causing deterioration intellect and cognitive function, which include: deterioration of remembering power and thinking process. The behavior that often be experienced by patient is forget easily or senility. Like as we know as risk factor of Alzheimer disease is old age more than 64 years, descent or generation, environment contaminated by heavy metal, smoke, pesticide, electromagnetic wave, serious head traumatic history and substitute therapy by hormone for woman. So, some methods to prevent the Alzheimer disease i.e.: low fat diet, consume nutrition specific for brain, meditation, sport, and brain exercises.

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