Common cold is an acute infection disease of upper respiratory tract, that be caused by etiologic of viruses infection such as rhinovirus, adenovirus, echovirus, coxsackievirus and respiratory syncytial virus. With clinical manifestations are congestion, sneezes, clear until mucopurulent of nasal mucus, dry throat feeling, and sore throat, mild fever and cough.

Physical examination will show nasal mucus and erythematic of oral-pharynx, and normal chest. Management therapy of case particularly to clinical symptomatic by enough rest, hydration, and decongestions, for examples: pseudoefedrine for comfortable feeling, acetaminophen for analgesia and fever. Now ipratropium nasal spray has being provided for symptomatic therapy of cold. Use ipratropium 0, 06%, amount two sprays every hole of nasal. Zinc glukonat 13, 3 mg every two hours while patient being watched can accelerate the recovery process of cold if be started in the first of 24 hours after the symptoms appearing.

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