Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules or atoms which contain single electron outside its orbit. Be found many kind free radicals those sources from pollution, cigarette smokes, ultraviolet ray, greasy food, and others continuously 24 hours everyday go into body to cause oxidation process and disturb the human cells structure (stress oxidative).
If these problems go on severe and long standing will cause all kind health disorders like as cardiovascular disease, early aging process, cancer, and other kinds.

The kinds of free radicals as bellows:
Reactive oxygen species (ROS):
• Superoxid radical
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Hydroxyl radical
• Hydroperoxil radical
Reactive nitrogen species (RNS):
• NO radicals
• Nitrosomium cation (NO+)
• Nitroxil anion (NO-)
• Peroxynitritte (ONOO-)

One of all methods to against of free radicals is giving the oral antioxidant, but now many kinds of antioxidant be known, precisely be able to product new free radical (pro oxidant) if be used in multitude and long times.

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