Metformin HCl Tablet for early therapy of New Diabetes case

Be used for Diabetes Mellitus type 2 if there is not response by dietary program. Metformin HCl is a generic name of medicine. Some patent supplies of it by trade name like as: Benofomin, Bestab, Diabex, Eraphage, Formell, Glucotika, Glucophage, Gludepatic, Glumin, Methpica, Neodipar, Rodiamet, Tudiab, and Zumamet.

Metformin HCl is given for early therapy of new Diabetes case who occur after adult with or without over weight and if it is not successful by dietary. As combination therapy for sufferer who not responsive by single therapy with sulfonyl urea a primary or secondary. If be needed as helper medicine to lessen insulin dose.

Metformin HCl is contraindicated for cardiovascular disease, renal failure, liver failure, dehydration, alcoholism, coma diabetic, keto acidosis, myocardium infarct, tissue hypoxia, infection, gangrene, lacto acidosis be caused by pulmonary insufficiency, shock and lacto acidosis histories.

Side Effects:
Side effects of Metformin HCl are Lacto acidosis with symptom nausea, vomiting, belly spasm, diarrhea, anorexia, and decreased of B12 absorption.

Dosage and Administration:
Metformin HCl be administrated by dose three times 500 mg per day with or after meal.

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