Chemically definition of Antioxidant is the compounds as electron giver (electron donor), and biologically definition of Antioxidant is compound which can neutralize negative impact of oxidant for bodies, this compound prevent occur of stress oxidative.
Be found two big groups of antioxidant: Natural and Synthetic,

Natural antioxidants:
• Enzyme (SOD/superoxid dysmutase, catalase, gluthation peroxides)
• Transferrin
• Lactofferin
• Seruloplasmin
• Albumin
• Vitamin (vitamin C, vitamin E, tocoferol, beta carotene)
• Ubiquinol 10
• Flavonoid
• Estrogen

Synthetic antioxidants:
• SOD, catalase
• Desperoxamin
• Probucol
• Salicylic, NSAID
• Lasaroid
• Captopril, beta-blocker, CCB, cinnarizine, amiodarone, methyl prednisolone
• Xanthine oxides

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