It is natural carotene with unusually intensive antioxidant force. Astaxanthin can be found on micro alga all of world, begin from tropical lake to snow field of Antarctic. Astaxanthin is some substances which giving young red and red color on fresh meat salmon; prawn and lobster.
Astaxanthin is one of all antioxidants that strongest ever be found.

Researcher found that astaxanthin has power:
• Five hundred fifty multiplies stronger than vitamin E and 40 multiply stronger than beta carotene to take bundle the singlet oxygen.
• One thousand multiplies stronger than vitamin E to peroxide the lipid.
Astaxanthin is one of all samples of evolution. Normally, micro algae that free swimming in the water reservoir is green color, but whiles the water reservoir dried and those algae are contacted by sunray; they begin to product astaxanthin with bright red colors in big amounts. Why? Because Astaxanthin as strong antioxidant which protecting algae from ultraviolet ray makes them life endurance – moreover although in most difficult conditions. Of because the function of astaxanthin is protecting cell nucleus toward free radicals that be caused by radiation ultraviolet ray this can damage DNA and peroxides energy sources.
During by the thousands years, Astaxanthin became part of human food. During the last twenty years, many kind of research and clinical test on human proofed antioxidant force and importance effect of Astaxanthin for health.

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