Diabetes Mellitus is not Curable but it can be Controlled

Persons with Diabetes Mellitus need not worry about excessive, though it is not curable but it can be Controlled.

The best steps that need to be done is to identify more closely on Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) so that we can find ways of handling the right to life as usual.

Diabetes Mellitus each year continues to increase. Diabetes Mellitus is a systemic disease that can cause complications to the whole organ, among others, can lead to coronary heart disease, a narrowing of blood vessels cerebro-vascular (stroke), Kidney Failure (Renal Failure), Impaired vision, nerve disorders (neuropathy) and others. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease state characterized by hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels).

There are two types of Diabetes Mellitus, namely: 1). Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Mellitus type I is dependent on insulin medication. Often occurs in a person younger than 30 years; 2). Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Mellitus type II is not always rely on insulin medication, can be treated with oral anti-diabetic (OAD).

Three main symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus: Polyfagia, Polydipsia and Polyuria.

Polyfagia is the condition with the amount of food. Diabetes Mellitus is usually always feel hungry, that they always lead to overeating. But the food can not enter into the cell body and accumulate in the blood (increased blood sugar levels / hyperglycemia), the body feels weak and less powerful because of lack of cell sugars ("hungry cells").

Polydipsia is the condition that much to drink. Diabetes Mellitus will always feel thirsty, which is caused by the consumption of sugar can not enter into the cell body.

Polyuria is many / frequent urination, especially at night, which is caused by high blood sugar levels.

Besides the major symptoms of the above-nets, there are also other symptoms such as: 1). Disorders of the eye in which high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) can cause changes in the lens of the eye so that vision becomes blurred; 2). Easily happen that a fungal infection in the genital itch, especially in women; 3). The body feels tired and sleepy; 4). In the event of injury will be difficult to recover because of decreased resistance to infection; 5). When infection occurs at the foot injury will occur to lead to gangrene and amputation risk; 6). High blood sugar levels in pregnant women causes the fetus to grow into a big (baby's weight at birth could reach more than 4 kg).

Tip: "Immediately consult your doctor if there are signs / symptoms, such as the above"


Benefits of Aromatherapy in the Case of Certain Diseases

Aromatherapy can help relax their stress and help handle the mental and physical disorders dementia sufferers. Therapy that uses extracts of flowers, herbs, and trees, according to researchers from the UK, can alleviate sleep disturbances and anxiety commonly experienced by patients of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

A study that lasted for 4 weeks to see the effects of aromatherapy on elderly dementia patients found that about 1 / 3 of patients experienced reduction in anxiety symptoms when rubbed with lemon balm. When using sunflower oil with no aroma, only 1 of 10 patients who experienced improvement.

Patients are being exposed to lemon balm also increasing significantly the quality of life, including the reduction of withdrawal from social interaction and increase in activities that are built, said study leader Clive Ballard, from the University of Newcastle, was quoted as saying women fitness site.
Study the frequency of brain wave study also found a similar thing. A study in this field indicates that the scent of lavender increases alpha waves in the back of the head, which serves to bring a feeling relaxed. The smell of jasmine increases beta waves in the front of the head, which is associated with increased vigilance.

Each type of essential oil contains about 100 chemical components, which work together to produce a strong effect on the body. Each type of oil works differently, depending on the dominant component. For example, some types of oils are soothing, others make you relax, relieve some pain, and so on.

Essential oils stimulate the olfactory power. You smell that smell has revealed a significant effect on your feelings. And the doctors have found patients who lost most of olfactory experience more psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. Perfumery believed to enter through cilia (fine hair on the nose lining) to the limbic system (part of the brain that controls mood, emotions, and our learning abilities).

This oil does not leave the remaining hazardous materials. Oil enters the body through absorption or through breathing.

If you do not want to buy essential oils, one by one, you can buy products that have been mixed, or use the body products have essential oils.

Several types of oil believed to be risky during pregnancy. Therefore, if you are pregnant, be sure to consult a doctor or therapist before using.

Do not try to cure disease with aromatherapy oils, always consult a doctor.

Do not apply oil that has not been diluted to the skin. Oil is not diluted too strong and can trigger inflammation. Lavender is the only exception, which can be applied directly to the skin area to cope with insect bites and stings. Other types of essential oils should be mixed with carrier oil (carrier oil).

Avoid rubbing the oil into the cracked areas of skin, inflamed skin or just scratched.

When using aromatherapy, close the door of the room to prevent the flight of smell.
To obtain a direct result of aromatherapy, try inhaling steam. Add 4 drops of essential oil of your choice into a bowl of hot water, you lean toward the bowl and cover the head with a towel. Pull a deep breath for 5 minutes.

Do not forget to bring tissues that have been dropped with your favorite oil. That way, you can breathe it every time you want. In addition, you also can shed chamomile or lavender oil on the pillow to help you sleep more soundly.


How to Prevent Hepatitis C Disease

Ways the most efficient distribution of hepatitis C is through injection of contaminated by hepatitis C virus, and therefore as injecting drug use, needle and syringe before use must be sterilized thus stopping the spread of hepatitis C among injecting drug users.

Although the risk of transmission through sexual relations small, you should run a safe sex life. Hepatitis C patients who have more than one partner or in connection with the crowd to protect themselves (eg condoms) to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C.

Never share equipment such as needles, razors, toothbrushes, and nail clippers, which can be a potential spread of the virus hepatitis C. When doing a manicure, tattoo and body piercing be sure to use sterile equipment and the official business.
People who are exposed to blood on the job, such as health workers, laboratory technicians, dentists, surgeons, nurses, emergency room workers, police, firefighters, paramedics, soldiers or anyone else who lives with an infected person, should be very careful not to exposed to contaminated blood.

Also included using sharp tools and needles properly, washing hands regularly and wear gloves at work. If you've been injured due to the needle, you have to do a test Elisa or HCV RNA after 4-6 months to make sure the wound is not infected with hepatitis C.

Never recovered from hepatitis one does not prevent transmission of hepatitis others. People who suffer from hepatitis C and hepatitis A have the high risk of fulminant hepatitis disease, a fatal liver disease and development is very fast.

Thus, health experts strongly recommend that people with hepatitis C also did vaccination Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.


About Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C treatment as early as possible is very important. Although your body has to fight against infection, but only 15% of successful, treatment is necessary to prevent chronic hepatitis C and help to reduce the possibility of a broken liver.

Occasionally, hepatitis C treatment takes a long time, and can not be helped. But because the disease can become severe over time, it is important to seek proper treatment from your doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment is urgent and important. A significant percentage of people who do it can be recovered from hepatitis C and showed improved liver.

The purpose of the Hepatitis C treatment is to eliminate the virus from your body as early as possible to prevent the development and worsening of end-stage liver disease.

Most forms of alpha interferon can last only one day but can be modified through a certain process to make it last longer. Although alpha interferon may be used as a single hepatitis C drugs, the research shows is more effective when combined with anti-viral ribavirin.

Three compounds are used in the treatment of hepatitis C are:

  • Alpha Interferon . Is a protein made naturally by the human body to enhance immune system / immunity and regulate other cell functions. The recommended drug for chronic hepatitis C is the alpha interferon be in the form of natural or synthetic.

  • Pegylated alpha interferon. Made by combining water-soluble molecule called polyethylene glycol (PEG) "with the alpha interferon molecule. Modification of alpha interferon is much longer in the body, and research shows more effective in making the response to the virus survive from chronic hepatitis C patients than regular alpha interferon.

  • Ribavirin. Anti-viral drugs are used together with alpha interferon for chronic hepatitis C treatment. Ribavirin is used only if not effective against hepatitis C virus, but with a combination of alpha interferon, is more effective than alpha interferon own.

This treatment has been accepted on the basis of its ability to generate a response against the virus in people with chronic hepatitis C disease. Patients said to have a response against the virus if the number of hepatitis C virus so low that it was not detected in standard tests Hepatitis C virus RNA levels and if they remain undetected for more than 6 months after treatment is completed.


Glance of Hepatitis C Diseases

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV = hepatitis C virus). Hepatitis C virus entry into liver cells, using the genetic machinery within the cell to duplicate the hepatitis C virus, and then infect other cells.

15% of cases of Hepatitis C infection is acute, meaning the body is automatically cleaned and no consequences. Unfortunately 85% of cases, hepatitis C infection becomes chronic and slowly damages the liver for years. In that time, the liver can be broken into cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), end-stage liver disease and liver cancer.

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Many kinds of hepatitis C. In many cases, the virus enters the body, began life in liver cells, disrupt the normal activity of these cells, then use the genetic machinery of cells to replicate hepatitis C virus and infect other healthy cells.

If you have hepatitis C patients, it is important to consume healthy foods and avoid alcohol. Alcohol can worsen liver damage you, whether you are in treatment or not.
One of the common symptoms of Hepatitis C is chronic fatigue. Fatigue can also be a side effect of treatment of Hepatitis C. Fatigue due to hepatitis C can be overcome with adequate rest and perform a routine exercise.

Hepatitis C virus is very clever transform themselves quickly. Today there are at least six major types of hepatitis C virus (often called the genotype) and more than 50 sub types.

This is the reason why the body cannot effectively fight the virus and research have not been able to make a vaccine against viral hepatitis C. Genotype does not determine how severe and how fast progress hepatitis C, but certain genotypes may not respond as well as others in treatment.

Often people who suffer from Hepatitis C have no symptoms, although infection has occurred for years. If there are symptoms can be: Exhausted, lost appetite, abdominal pain. Dark urine, skin or eyes become yellow (called "jaundice"), which rarely happens.
In some cases, Hepatitis C can cause an increase in certain enzymes in the liver, which can be detected in routine blood tests. However, some patients experience chronic hepatitis C liver enzyme levels or a normal fluctuation.

However, very necessary to have the test if you think you have the risk of contracting hepatitis C or if you've corresponded with people or contaminated objects. The only way to identify this disease is by blood tests.

Hepatitis C transmission is usually through direct contact with blood or its products and needles or other sharp instruments contaminated. In their daily activities much risk of infection such as Hepatitis C, bleeding cuts or nosebleeds, or menstrual blood. Personal equipment affected by the patient contact can transmit the hepatitis C virus (such as toothbrushes, razors or manicure tools). Risk of Hepatitis C infection through sexual intercourse is higher in people who have more than one partner.

Transmissions of Hepatitis C rarely occur from infected mother to infant hepatitis C a newborn or other family member. However, if the mother is also HIV positive, the risk of transmitting hepatitis C is very much possible. Breastfeeding does not transmit hepatitis C.

If you have hepatitis C sufferers, you cannot transmit hepatitis C to others through hugs, handshakes, sneezing, coughing, sharing utensils and drinking, regular contacts, or other contacts who are not exposed to blood. A person who is infected with Hepatitis C can transmit to others 2 weeks after infection to her.

One of the most severe consequences in patients Hepatitis C is liver cancer. Approximately 15% of patients infected with hepatitis C virus can eliminate the virus from the body spontaneously without facing it consequences at a later date. This is called acute infection. Unfortunately, the majority of sufferers of this disease become chronic.

Chronic hepatitis C one of the most dangerous diseases and hepatitis in a long time may develop complications, especially if not treated.

Chronic hepatitis patients at risk of a late stage liver disease and liver cancer. Few of chronic hepatitis patients, heart become damaged and needs to be done heart transplants. In fact, heart disease, especially hepatitis C the leading cause of liver transplants today.

About a third of liver cancer caused by Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a liver cancer continues to increase throughout the world because many people infected with hepatitis C each year.

Although hepatitis C have no symptoms, liver damage and continues to be severe over time. When the liver becomes damaged (for example, because hepatitis C) the liver will repair itself to form a scar. Grated form is often called fibrosis. The more scar indicates the severity of the disease. Thus, liver cirrhosis can be (filled with grated).

Structure of liver cells begins to burst, so that the heart is no longer functioning normally. Liver damage caused by hepatitis C usually occur gradually over 20 years, but several factors could make the disease progress more quickly, like alcohol, male gender, age and HIV infection.

Hepatitis C infection can cause liver damage without any symptoms, it is important to carry out checks as early as possible and discuss treatment options with your doctor. Research shows that patients treated prior heart damage have significantly better response to treatment than patients who delayed treatment.


Obesity and the Importance of Balanced Nutrition Consumption

Obesity is one health problem that affects the development of disease and quality of life. Obesity linked to risk of cardiovascular complications, such as stroke and coronary heart disease. Obesity also increases the risk of non cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus or diabetes, hyper cholesterol, gallstones, cancer, infertility or difficulty conceiving and arthritis.

In men, obesity increases the risk of colon cancer, rectum and prostate. Whereas in women, obesity can increase the risk of bladder cancer, endometrial and breast, he added. One of the patients experienced complications of obesity are the most common is rheumatoid arthritis (osteoarthritis), especially in the knee joint and ankle.

Balanced nutrition is important at every stage of life. Maternal nutritional status before pregnancy will determine fetal health. If less weight, fetal growth will be less than optimal. When the excess weight, then increase the risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications. Preparation of pregnancy is often overlooked is, the ideal body weight through balanced nutrition.

Therefore, the current obesity is considered dangerous diseases due to eating the wrong behavior. These health problems classified as chronic and very difficult to overcome. Therefore, early prevention efforts to more easily achieve success when the patient is still in a state of overweight or being overweight. Weight loss safe is 2-5 kilograms per month by reducing fat intake. A Good diet composition is diet with protein (15 percent), carbohydrates (55 percent), and fat (30 percent). So far, the general composition of the diet is protein (15 percent), carbohydrates (45 percent), and fat (40 percent) but the composition is considered less effective for weight loss because fat intake is still high.

Fat content is found in various foods such as milk, cheese, ice cream and butter, meat products such as red meat and chicken, and various kinds of cakes. Several types of fast food have high calorie content.

There are several ways to raise or lose weight. To increase the weight, a person is recommended to eat a balanced nutritious diet, protein needs, and weight training regularly. There are five groups of nutrients contained in foods are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
To lose weight, obese, low-calorie diet recommended by nutrition balanced. Proven low-calorie diet can lose weight 10 percent in 6 months. The speed of 0, 5-1, 5 weight pounds per week, consisting of 75 percent fat and 25 percent muscle. In addition to low-calorie diet, those efforts should be accompanied by regular aerobic exercise and enough sleep.

Ideally, treatment of obesity involves two main aspects of diet or eats less and increase energy expenditure through exercise or physical activity. Ability helped by the use of diet drugs. Eating behavior that is expected to be imposed in order to improve until the mindset change eating behavior.

Change of mindset is very important to the success of therapy by giving rewards and sanctions. If the program is followed properly, the patient received an award in the form of a sense of comfort and successfully loses weight. If not disciplined, he experienced something unpleasant. Patients also need help, such as medicines, nutritional counseling, behavior modification, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and all the ways to enhance the willingness of therapy without adverse health.

To balance calorie intake with expenditure, it is necessary to control muscle activity. Weight loss will lead to positive changes in cardiovascular function, respiration, metabolism, and general health effects.


Things that aggravate metabolism

You have dieted furiously, but why it is, body weight also did not come down? Moreover, since the age of your past 30 years. It is your body fat more easily. Yes, do not be sad past. You may make a wrong strategy, so the metabolism is not increased but even decreased. Try to see things that increase metabolism and decrease the following.

Which can decrease metabolism:

Sit down. The less you move, the fewer the calories the body needs. As a result, your metabolism will be temporarily slowed.
Diet. Diet by reducing the calories as much as possible will make your body slowed, and keep fat. That you should do is reduce 250-300 calories a day just in the pattern of eating you, so encouraged to chase away the body fat without the worry you are not free to eat again.
Age. Metabolism will be reduced 1 percent every 10 years, as the Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University, Boston. Therefore, each year you must reduce the 10 calories each day to maintain ideal body weight.

Which can increase metabolism:

Protein. Protein helps form muscle, so the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. Try to get 20-25 percent of your calories from protein.
Snacks. Not believe? Dining will encourage your metabolism, because there are calories to be burned. Which is good to eat snacks every 4 or 5 hours a day, rather than big meals twice.
Cardio exercise. Exercise makes the heart tap will encourage increased metabolism, and this also makes you burn more calories in the hours after you exercise (even if you're resting). In fact, exercise is done regularly enough to push up metabolism so that you can cancel the decrease in metabolism that occur as a result of your diet program, so, according to Kathy McManus, MS, RD, director of the department of nutrition at Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston.
Exercise endurance. This exercise will build muscle, which can burn calories even though you are sitting. For each 1/2 kg of muscle that you get, you can burn about 50 extra calories each day. You can also get 1/2 kg of muscle in a month if you practice with the burden of 2 or 3 times a week.


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