Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease with high concentration of blood sugars. Be named as high blood sugars concentration if the result of chemical laboratory examination the blood sugar concentration in fast condition are more than 126 mg/dl and or two hours after meal are more than 200 mg/dl or at the time that blood sugar more than 200 mg/dl.

A high risk of Diabetes Mellitus like as:

  • A people has brother or sister, parent, grandfather or grandmother with Diabetes Mellitus
  • Obesity or over body weight
  • Age more than 45 years
  • Hypertension or high blood cholesterol
  • A person who has a baby with born body weight more than 4 kg.

Classifications of Diabetes Mellitus:

  • Diabetes Mellitus type 1 or Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus, The sufferers of Diabetes type 1 are children and adolescent, not obesity, always need insulin therapy, pancreas organ can make very a little of insulin or can not make insulin absolutely.
  • Diabetes Mellitus type 2 or Not insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus, The sufferers of Diabetes type 2 are a people had adult or old and fatty approximately.

The etiology of Diabetes Mellitus:

Genetic or hereditary factor is a principal etiology of Diabetes type 2, but the environments factor like as obesity and less of physical activities are a principal predisposition factor of this disease. Early a man with Diabetes has experience a condition that be named “Insulin Resistance” before he was obesity. Increasingly the age, foods consume habit not healthy, obesity and not enforce physical activity accordance with together can stimulate incident of Diabetes.

The symptomatic of Diabetes Mellitus:

The symptomatic of Diabetes Mellitus consist of:
  • Often to urinate especially at night (nocturnal urinate)
  • Quickly thirsty and hungry
  • Body weight decrease without explicit etiology
  • Quickly weak and sleepy
  • Had wound that difficult to heal
  • Itchiness on sex organ area
  • Numb feeling on arm or leg
  • Impotent
  • Sightless or decrease of vision
  • Baby delivery more than 4 kg

Chemical laboratory investigation:

Blood sugar concentration in fast condition at morning more than 126 mg/dl and or blood sugar concentration 2 hours after meal more than 200 mg/dl, or blood sugar concentration at time more than 200 mg/dl.

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus:

High blood sugar concentrations at long time period can cause seriously complications like as: Impotent, Heart attack, Stroke, Gangrene diabetic, blindness and renal failure.

Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus:

Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus can be enforced by healthy lifestyles like as consume the food with balance nutrients, high fibrous and low fat, with enforce physical activity during 30 minutes everyday, until be created ideal body weight.
Enforce regular checkup blood sugar concentrations at fast and two hours after meal; in order blood sugar concentrations always be controlled in normal condition.

Medical Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus:

If by dietary and regular physical activity can not manage high blood sugar concentrations may be needed medical therapy by Insulin injection or Anti Diabetic Oral tablets. Insulin injection only, specifically for Sufferers of Diabetes Mellitus type 1. Anti Diabetic Oral tablet or combinations of Insulin and Anti Diabetic Oral tablet for sufferers of Diabetes Mellitus type 2. Anti Diabetic Oral tablets that can be given for sufferers of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 like as ones of: Glibenklamida, Glipizida, Metfomin-HCl, Klorpromide, Glikazida, Acarbose. Doses of Anti Diabetic Oral tablets are appropriated with necessity and condition at times.

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