Healthy lifestyles are the commonplace of peoples to apply their healthy life every day and avoid bad habit that can disturb the health.

Healthy lifestyles include as below:

  • Consume the food with balance nutrients, high of fibrous and low of fat.
  • Enforce physical activity thirty minute every day minimally.
  • Do not smoking

Without enforce the healthy lifestyles can cause some of diseases like as: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Obstructive Lung disease, Obesity, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.

The profit of Healthy Life Styles Behavior:

  1. The body becomes healthier and not easy become sick.
  2. The common activities become faster and interesting on performance.
  3. More productive
  4. Be avoided from much kind of not communicable diseases like as: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, Diabetes, Chronic Lung disease and Osteoporosis.

Consume the food with balance nutrients, high of fibrous and low of fat

Food is a very important necessity of life, because from food the human can find power source to do commonplace activity. Of cause need be attended the kinds and quality of food consumption:

  1. High fibrous
  2. Low of fat
  3. Content balance nutrient.

The high fibrous of food is the food with high fibrous that can be found on all kind of plants like as: vegetables, fruits, rice plants, peanuts and others.

The twelve benefits of food with fibrous:

  1. Help to solve Diabetes problems.
  2. Prevent constipation.
  3. Help to decrease body weight.
  4. Make younger performance.
  5. Help detoxification process.
  6. Help to prevent cancer of colon.
  7. Help to prevent cancer of breasts.
  8. Help to decrease cholesterol.
  9. Make the skin, hairs and nails beautifully.
  10. Help to prevent appendicitis.
  11. Help to prevent anemia.
  12. Help the normal intestines bacterial flora in balances.

The low fat of food is the food with a little fat and low calories, but its still content prime substance for health like as: protein, calcium, and others.
Be recommended to ours in order to eat a little fat only less than 69 gram every day.
The food with balance nutrients is the food with all kinds of substances that is consumed a day which content power substances, growth substances and regulator substances appropriate with necessity of body.
Power substances can be found from carbohydrates and fat. Source of carbohydrate like as: hulled rice, sago palm, corn, edible/sweet potato, cassava, bread, breadfruit, and pure sugar.
Growth substances can be found from proteins. Source of an animal protein like as: meat, fish, chicken, liver, egg, and milk. And source of concerning plants protein like as: fermented soybean cake, soybean curd, and all kinds of beans.
Regulator substances can be found from vitamin and mineral. Source of vitamin and mineral are most on vegetables and fruits.
The food with unbalance nutrients can cause a person suffers fewer nutrients, bad nutrients or overload nutrients.

Enforce physical activity minimally thirty minutes every day

Physical activity is the movement of all part of body components which are causing loss out the power that very important for physical and mental health maintenances along with efforts to defend the quality of life in constant healthy and fresh for a long days.
By regular physical activity for thirty minutes minimally every day can make heart, lungs and order component of body in healthy condition.
If more times can be used to do physical activity then more benefits can be found.
If these activities are committed every day accordance with regular then after three months will be felt its benefits.

The profit if we commit regular physical activity:

  1. Be avoided from heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and orders.
  2. Body weight be controlled
  3. The muscular more flexible and bone stronger
  4. Ideal and reasonable of body form
  5. More self believe
  6. Stronger and fresh
  7. Health condition better for all

Enforce the correctly physical activity:

  1. Please enforce step by step until thirty minutes, if not common yet can be begun with several minute every day and step by step be increased.
  2. Physical activity is enforced before meal or two hours after meal.
  3. Beginning by early heating and stretching.
  4. Please enforce mild movement to begin and step by step be increased until moderate.
  5. If already common do that activity, the frequency and intensity of that activity can be added or be increased.

There are three types or characteristics of physical activity those can we do to endure health of body like as:

1. Endurance

Physical activity for endurance can help heart, lungs, muscles and circulation system in permanent healthy condition and make our body stronger.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  1. Walking
  2. Mild running
  3. Swimming, gymnastics
  4. Play tennis
  5. Farming and working at park

2. Flexibility

Physical activity for flexibility can help the movement easier, endure the muscles flexibility permanently and function of article better.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  1. Slow stretching, begin from hand and foot.
  2. Taichi gymnastics, Yoga
  3. Washing clothes, washing car.
  4. Mop floor.

3. Strength

Physical activity for strength can help muscle tasks to hold up the load that be accepted, the bone on permanent strong and endure body form, along with helping to increase prevention toward disease like as osteoporosis.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  1. Push up by right technical.
  2. Climb and down staircase.
  3. Remove weighty load
  4. Fitness

Physical activity sports can be done like as:

  1. Healthy working and jogging
  2. Play tennis
  3. Play badminton
  4. Football
  5. Aerobic gymnastic
  6. Breathing gymnastic
  7. Swimming
  8. Play basket ball
  9. Play volley ball
  10. Bike
  11. Load exercise
  12. Mountain climbing

Do not smoking

Cigarette is as manufacturer of chemical substances. In one cigarette that is smoked will be resulted out about four thousands chemical substances those are dangerously. There are three chemical substances most dangerous from cigarette fumes like as: Nicotine, Tar and Carbon Monoxide (CO).
Nicotine, Nicotine can cause blood vessel obstruction that is resulting heart attack, increasing of heart beat and blood pressure, along with addiction. Smoking one cigarette is significant with 2-3 mg nicotine.
Tar, Tar is residue of cigarette fumes components. Tar can cause cancer.
Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Monoxide is poisoning gas that is bundling it self with blood hemoglobin resulting oxygen are not bundled by blood hemoglobin and can not be used by body. Later effect, blood vessel tissues become narrow and hardly cause blood vessel obstruction. One cigarette content 3-6% Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Active and Passive Smoking

  1. Active smoking is a person who consume cigarette routine or not routine.
  2. Passive smoking is a person who not smoking, but inhale cigarette fumes from other smoking in closed room.

Consequence of Smoking for Health

  1. Hypertension and can cause stroke
  2. Caused 25% death as consequence of coronary hearth disease
  3. Heath attack three times more often than no smoking
  4. Have cancer risk like as cancer at lips, tongue, throat, larynx, bladder, cervix and others.
  5. Disturbance of respiratory tract system
  6. Abortion, premature
  7. Fetal death or congenital anomaly
  8. Low born body weight
  9. Impotence

Addiction and have a trend to use Narcotic and dangerous substances.

In generally a person very difficult to stop smoking is caused by:

  1. Addiction
  2. Dependency
  3. Social intercourse

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